Who learns a new language, opens the doors to a new world. You will meet unknown words, different rules and new ways of behaviour. It is only thanks to the language that a strange culture can really be understood.

Bonjour, Hello or Buongiorno? Which new world do you want to discover? The language courses of Witilingua are your signpost.

Our language courses are subject to the six levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced student, we will always find a suitable course in a small group or a one to one class for your needs!

Just call or send us your email, we are happy about each contact with you. Is your desired language English, French, Italian or German?

For travellers, business people, students who need extra tuition, children. Languages can be learnt or brushed up at any age!

Sprache / LanguageWochentag / DayUhrzeit / TimeSprachstufen / Course
Englisch / EnglishMontag / Monday10.00-11.30B2, First-Vorbereitung
Englisch / EnglishMontag / Monday16.45 - 17.45B2
Englisch / EnglishDienstag / Tuesday17.30 - 18.30Konversation/First Vorbereitung
Englisch / EnglishMittwoch / Wednesday14.00-15.00B2/C1 Vorbereitung aufs Advanced
Englisch /EnglishDonnerstag / Thursday13.45-14.45A1/A2
Französisch / FrenchDienstag / Tuesday09.00 - 10.30Conversation B2 1.5 Stunden/hours
Französisch / FrenchDienstag / Tuesday10.30-11.30A2/B1
Französisch /FrenchMittwoch / Wednesday16.30-17.30Nachhilfe A2/B1
Deutsch / GermanMontag / Monday17.45-18.45B1
Deutsch / GermanDienstag / Tuesday20.45-21.45B2,
Deutsch / GermanDonnerstag / Thursday10.30-11.30B2/C1
Deutsch / GermanDonnerstag / Thursday17.00-18.00B1
Deutsch / GermanFreitag / Friday10.10-11.10B1
Italienisch / ItalianMittwoch / Wednesday18.30-19.30A1/A2
Italienisch / ItalianDonnerstag / Thursday11.30-12.30A2
Italienisch / ItalianFreitag / Friday08.15-09.15A2
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