You have a say about what we do during the lessons. Students can always bring along their own ideas for the classes, literature or their own emails, letters, texts, presentations on which we will then work in class. This makes the lessons lively and realistic.

There are between 2 and 5 students per class, so they are very small classes, which makes sure that the lessons are animated and adapted to each student. The teacher can focus on each participant personally. This ensures a quick and durable learning process. Normally we work with a student’s book and a workbook.

Before each new unit, the students learn the new vocabulary. The units consist of reading comprehensions in the target language, questions about the texts, grammar exercises, listening comprehensions, conversation etc.

Sprache / LanguageWochentag / DayUhrzeit / TimeSprachstufen / Course
Englisch / EnglishMontag / Monday10.00-11.30B2, First-Vorbereitung
Englisch / EnglishMontag / Monday16.45 - 17.45B2
Englisch / EnglishDienstag / Tuesday17.30 - 18.30Konversation/First Vorbereitung
Englisch / EnglishMittwoch / Wednesday14.00-15.00B2/C1 Vorbereitung aufs Advanced
Englisch /EnglishDonnerstag / Thursday13.45-14.45A1/A2
Französisch / FrenchDienstag / Tuesday09.00 - 10.30Conversation B2 1.5 Stunden/hours
Französisch / FrenchDienstag / Tuesday10.30-11.30A2/B1
Französisch /FrenchMittwoch / Wednesday16.30-17.30Nachhilfe A2/B1
Deutsch / GermanMontag / Monday17.45-18.45B1
Deutsch / GermanDienstag / Tuesday20.45-21.45B2,
Deutsch / GermanDonnerstag / Thursday10.30-11.30B2/C1
Deutsch / GermanDonnerstag / Thursday17.00-18.00B1
Deutsch / GermanFreitag / Friday10.10-11.10B1
Italienisch / ItalianMittwoch / Wednesday18.30-19.30A1/A2
Italienisch / ItalianDonnerstag / Thursday11.30-12.30A2
Italienisch / ItalianFreitag / Friday08.15-09.15A2
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