[img src=]4221Unterricht im Garten / A lesson in the garden
[img src=]3340Happy students
[img src=]2990Die Lehrerin / The teacher
[img src=]2741Bibliothek / The library
[img src=]2300DVD's in mehreren Sprachen zum ausleihen / DVDs in several language to borrow for free
[img src=]2520Die Lehrerin Janine Paliwoda / Janine Paliwoda, the teacher
[img src=]24202 Schülerinnen in Aktion / Two students in action
[img src=]2460Die Schule in Witikon / The language school in Zurich-Witikon
[img src=]2131Kleingruppe / A small group
[img src=]2310Kleingruppe / A small group
[img src=]2280Konversation mit Literatur / Conversation with literature
[img src=]2080Eingang Schule / The entrance to the school
[img src=]1980Konversation mit Literatur / Conversation with literature
[img src=]1950Kleingruppe Konversation / A small conversation group
[img src=]2140Wartezimmer / The waiting room
[img src=]1990Kleingruppe Advanced / A small advanced group